What Time is the 3 O’Clock Parade? Answers to Some of the Most commonly asked Walt Disney World Questions

First time visitors to Walt Disney World Resort, and those who haven’t been recently, are often overwhelmed by the flood of details they uncover when they embark on an online search for the latest information. Not to mention that so much of the information available on Facebook groups and other public forums is outdated, or just plain wrong.

Among travel advisors there’s a semi-joke that these are the questions newcomers and/or overwhelmed guests ask us first:

1. What time is the 3 o’clock parade?
A: On a typical day, the Festival of Fantasy Parade is at 3 p.m. in the Magic Kingdom (on busier days it’s also at noon).

2. Which Disney park has the Harry Potter land?
A: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter attractions are not at Disney World — they are at Universal Studios Orlando in both major theme parks. (Tip: make sure to have a park-to-park ticket when you visit Universal so you can ride Hogwarts Express!)

3. Is Animal Kingdom Park just a glorified zoo?
A: No.